First time logging in?

Perhaps you have already received an invitation in your email? If not, then it will certainly arrive soon. After receiving the invitation, you can accept it by following the instructions. Next, you can immediately log in with one of your socials and get 24/7 access into your own HR related matters. For example, you can request leave or check your payslips. In short, the Humanwave app is extremely useful!

Medewerker app Humanwave

Why an app?

Your employer, AtMall, is digitalizing their HR & salary administration and therefore want to offer you an app.

What does this mean for you?

With the app you can look up anything in your personnel file or check your payslips digitally whenever you want. Additionally, you will have direct access to the work schedules and you can easily request leave or fill in expense claims. This and more, all in a secure online environment.

Android & iOS

The employee app of Humanwave is available for both Android and iOS.

Android & iOS

Watch our video to learn more about the employee app!

Have fun with Humanwave!